To add songs to MyKaraoke, we can create our song list and upload it to a server or use a list that another user has uploaded to a server.

When the creator of the list modifies the list, MyKaraoke will automatically update the list with the changes.



To create a song list, the first thing will be to create the text file that will contain the list.

Now, to add a song to the list we must have three data:

  1. Name that will be displayed in MyKaraoke.
  2. URL of the cover page.
  3. URL of the video on YouTube.

With these three data, we can now add the song to the file:

<Text to be displayed in MyKaraoke | URL of the cover | Video URL>

It would look like this:

<Dua Lipa ft. Martin Garrix - Scared to be lonely | http: // | https: //>

We can add to the list all the songs we want.

Once the list is finished, we must upload it to a server in order to use it in MyKaraoke.



To add a list either created by us or another person, we must press the "Manage" button.

Once inside the administration screen, we write the url address of the song list.

Click on the "+" button to add the list to MyKaraoke.

We will see how the url is added to the list.

We left the administration window.

And we will have the songs ready to use them.