Content lists are used to upload content from servers.

A list of contents is a text file with extension ".txt", where links are saved that will be loaded from WebXplorer Pro.

Content lists can be encrypted (from WebXplorer Pro), to protect the content.

When the administrator edits the content of the list, it will also be updated in WebXplorer Pro.

To create a content list manually, it must have the following format:

Link | Name 

URL of the content | Name to be displayed in WebXplorer Pro.



To add a list of contents to WebXplorer Pro;

We navigate in the browser to the list of server contents.

Once in the list, we open the "Add" tab.

If the creator of the list has encrypted it, you must enter the password you used to decrypt the content.

Press the "Add" button and you'll have the list of contents associated with WebXplorer Pro.



To create a list of contents;

We navigate in the browser to the web that we want to add to the list.

We opened the "Create" tab.

If we want to encrypt the list we write a password.

We press the "Create" button and save the list.

The file must then be uploaded to a server for use in WebXplorer Pro.